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FSUPV-04 2018-10-07T16:15:45+01:00

FSUPV-04: Winner at FSN

  • FSUPV-04 side rear

Lighter and faster

Our new monocoque has reduced the overall weight and improved the stiffness of the car

A complete redesign of the intake system has improved the power output and the efficiency of the engine

A year of work reflected in one competition, FSN

We were able to achieve the first position in both combustion and overall at FSN

3º overall position at FSAE Michigan

The FSAE Michigan competition was a challenge for the team. Half of the team travelled to the United States, while the half how stayed in Valencia continued to work on the FSUPV-05.

We proclaimed winners of the star event, to end up in the third overall position, also bringing home the award for best engine design.

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