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The first Formula Student team from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

A project formed by 34 students from different schools of the university, joined by the passion for facing new challenges.

The main goal is to design and manufacture a FSAE competition vehicle. The team is composed by several disciplines: engineering, marketing, management and logistics. This project is made for students: promotes team-work, professionalism and keeps close to the automotive industry at the highest level.

They have an extraordinary talent, a perfect mix of knowledge and passion. They are authentic students cum laude.”Francisco Mora, Rector UPV


The members of the team carry out the whole stages of the project.






The competitions of the FSUPV Team.

Formula Student Germany

The most important competition in Europe and one of most well-known in the world, which accepts around 125 teams from all over the world at Hockenheim circuit. This event hosts 20,000 visitors. With no doubt, FSG is one of the biggest challenges for a FSAE Team and FSUPV cannot miss it out.

Formula Student Spain

Since six years ago, Montmelo´s Circuit houses the Formula Student competition and has become a national and international reference for this competition, accepting 65 teams and more than 12.000 visitors. An event where the FSUPV Team is on the top of the Spanish Teams.

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