Testing the impact attenuator at a 7350 J impact at 7 m/s!


In a racing prototype, weight reduction is a fundamental part to reduce seconds of the timekeeper. To compete for the best global positions, settling down in the European Top 5 and revalidating the dominance between the national teams, we take to the limit this weight reduction concept, replacing metals like steel and aluminum, for lighter pieces of composite materials or additive manufacturing.

To be able to carry these modifications, the team has to overcome a series of tests that verify the integrity of the chassis and the safety of the driver, complying with the strict regulations imposed by the Formula Student organization. Given the importance of this task, from the FSUPV Team we trust in those companies leaders in this sector, which can supply us with the best facilities and the most advanced means to allow us to improve year after year, fighting for the best positions of the global ranking.

This season, CESVIMAP (Experimentation Center and Road Safety MAPFRE) has put at our disposal its more than 30 years of experience to validate a new impact attenuator concept, lighter and safer. For it, the professionals at CESVIMAP have used the crash test laboratories located in Avila, where the vehicles are submitted to front and rear impacts monitored with sensors and high speed cameras, from which is extracted valuable information about the repairability and the safety of the vehicle.


Thanks to the collaboration of CESVIMAP, we have been able to certify a protection device against front impacts based of an Anti-Intrusion Plate (AIP) and an Impact Attenuator (IA) which, together, have a reduction of 214g against its predecessor (9% of total reduction). This certification has been obtained after checking its capability to absorb more than 7350J, being submitted to an impact at 7m/s from a mass of 350kg without showing permanent deformations higher than 25mm in the AIP and decelerations superior to 40g in all the impact test.

From the FSUPV Team we hope to continue to collaborate with CESVIMAP during a lot more years, improving season after season in a constant search to make our prototype the fastest and safest of the competition.

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