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Formula Student is an international competition, which promotes excellence in engineering, giving the students a chance to apply the theory studied at  the University, improve their skills and pursuit the maximum performance in a competition environment.

The teams must design, manufacture and assemble a Formula Student race car which is compliance with the rules, able to pass the technical inspection and be competitive at the track.

Also, this competition covers everything related to the business world and marketing by designing a business plan focused on the manufacturing and bringing a race car to the market.

Competition driver photoFormula Student Photo
Competition Technical InspectionCompetition photo
Competition Preparation


Presentation, strategy, organization, methodology, innovation and research merge together for one goal: testing the teams out off the track.

Bussiness Plan // 75 pts
Cost & Manufacturing // 100 pts
Engineering design // 150 pts


Skidpad // 75 pts
Acceleration // 75 pts
Autocross // 100 pts
Fuel & efficiency // 100 pts
Endurance // 325 pts

Accuracy, speed, driving skills, synchronization and determination join together to go beyond the limits of the team and the prototype.


Started in the USA in 1980 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the Formula Student reached Europe in 1998, and since then it has extended around the world.

Italy, Germany, Australia, Austria, Japan, Hungary, Spain, England, Brazil, Czech Republic and China are all envolved in the competition.

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