Meet the FSUPV’s heart that makes the prototype beat at 13.000 RPMs

Honda Moto Valencia

In the FSUPV Team our mission is to design and manufacture from zero a single-seater competition style formula to compete internationally against other universities in a series of dynamic and static tests where all the details of the prototype are put to the test. From the maximum acceleration to the smallest aerodynamic detail.

Without a doubt, the engine is a basic piece in a vehicle, and in our case,  it is not less. In order to give life to our formula student car, Honda Moto Valencia provides us with the engine of the well-known Honda CBR 600 RR motorcycle, a powerful and reliable engine that has accompanied us from the first prototype to the fifth, the most recent, and in the future FSUPV-06. With this engine we have reached achievements such as the victory in Formula Student Netherlands in the summer of 2017, an incredible third place in the prestigious FSAE Michigan in May 2018 or a close fifth in Formula Student Spain, last August in the Circuit of Montmelo.

Honda Moto Valencia CPI

It should be noted that the engine undergoes a series of modifications to adapt it to the regulations of the competition and to optimize it for our car; The main one of those required by the competition is a restriction of the air intake to 20mm, which limits the power of the engine. Despite this we get 78 horse power that together with the reduced total weight of just over 200kg make our car reach 100km/h in less than 3.5 seconds. In addition, in the process of adapting a motorcycle engine for a Formula Student car, certain parts are modified, such as the anchors to the chassis, the crankcase, the leaks or the valve covers.

Another significant change is the clutch, which is replaced by a slipper-clutch that allows us to have a gear shift transmission with paddles on the steering wheel, to speed up driving. In addition, our powertrain discipline analyzes the engine in a power bank in order to get the most out of it, creating engine maps to adapt the features it offers to the optimal working rhythm.

We would like to thank Honda Moto Valencia for their sponsorship and for believing in us one more season helping us to always go a little faster and to maintain ourselves as the best Spanish combustion team of Formula Student for the third consecutive year.

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